December 5, 2009

Curried Winter Squash Soup with Lentils and Clams

Well, my dears, it's been too wicked long since my last update. I've been a bit busy over the past few weeks, but here's an update now that I have a breather whilst down in the South visiting the family folks.

Winter squash, curry, lentils, and clams. Unlikely bedfellows in the soup pot, but the flavors work perfectly together. It's been eons since I made this, but I think I found the recipe via the lovely La Tartine Gourmande after picking up a pair of red kuri squash at the farmer's market and wondering what the hell to do with them. I imagine nearly any type of squash would work well with this recipe. The proportion of greatness in this soup also rises with the addition of more clams.